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I’m Ghada Abdel Moneim a teacher of English . I graduated from The faculty of Education, Ain shams university . I have a diploma in English language Methodology and another diploma in Comparative and international Education . Also I’m trying to have a master degree in international education . I know that many of you are interested in the new devices of technology ,so I had this blog for you .With you we will  discover the Global  world  , have friends from different cultures , exchange ideas and learn about English Language .

In this blog you will find interesting  videos , songs and articles ,games and a lot of surprises that I hope you’ll like  . These chosen materials are related to primary stage curriculum . Together we will make learning English language fun . Kindly I ask my students to leave their comments and answer some questions about what is posted in my blog . The most active will receive a surprise  reward .

Young fellows today I’m taking your hands and show you my gate to the world  , I’m sure that tomorrow you will show me yours .

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Classroom manners


1. Share your things.
2. Take turns.
3. Work quietly.
4. Raise your hand.
5. Sit down to eat and drink.
6. Walk inside.
7. Be kind to your teacher.
8. Be friendly.
9. Get to school on time.
10. Always try your best.
11. Listen to your teacher.
12. Put things back where they belong.
13. Tell the truth.
14. Always return your homework.
15. Keep your things neat and tidy.
16. Work as a team.
17. Quiet voices inside.
18. Use your hands to be a friend.
19. Always return notes on time.
20. Use your hands to play and learn.
21. Always use friendly talk with your classmates.
22. Listen to your friends.
23. Read quietly.
24. Always say please and thank you.
25. Always offer help.
26. Keep your hands to yourself.
27. Be kind to others.
28. Cover your mouth when you cough.
29. Line up quietly.
30. Follow the rules.
31. Keep your desk tidy.
32. Wait to share your idea.
33. Play by the rules.
34. Listen to the instructions.