Dear students and colleagues WELCOME to my blog ,

I’m Ghada Abdel Moneim a teacher of English . I graduated from The faculty of Education, Ain shams university . I have a diploma in English language Methodology and another diploma in Comparative and international Education . Also I’m trying to have a master degree in international education . I know that many of you are interested in the new devices of technology ,so I had this blog for you .With you we will  discover the Global  world  , have friends from different cultures , exchange ideas and learn about English Language .

In this blog you will find interesting  videos , songs and articles ,games and a lot of surprises that I hope you’ll like  . These chosen materials are related to primary stage curriculum . Together we will make learning English language fun . Kindly I ask my students to leave their comments and answer some questions about what is posted in my blog . The most active will receive a surprise  reward .

Young fellows today I’m taking your hands and show you my gate to the world  , I’m sure that tomorrow you will show me yours .

Follow my blog its link is and tell me your opinion about the material in it  .

Thank you ,

Mrs Ghada Abdel Moneim

oz world


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