The rapid growth of technology makes it difficult for us to imagine how schools be like in the next decades .When I imagine some thing about technology and spend hours and hours thinking about it I discover that it is already existed in somewhere or the scientists are working on it , so I won’t talk about technological devices and how they will be like in the future . I want to talk about the role of teachers and students and how they will be in 2050 .

When we look at the real role of the teacher  we have to ask ourselves ,are we the source of knowlege for our students ? if so why do we have a curriculum or text books  ? In my opinion when we are in the process of teaching we are playing the role of the facilitator rather than sources of knowledge for them . So we always close our eyes not to see that there are many other  ways of presenting the information for the students more easier and which are known very very well by them .

So you as teachers we are not only the facilitators , we will have to find everyday  the new and excellent tools that will help them and guide them until they acquire the knowledge they want  to know to deal with the real world and its demands to be an essential and active parts of it.

For the students the knowledge will be available very faster and easier so they don’t have to memorize the information as they will be able to get faster than a blink of eye , but are we going to let their memory cells corrupted . they will learn through interactive , collaboration , responsibility of performing the tasks and achieving the goals of learning process.

the schools will be different they may become smaller because students don’t have to learn at schools . the schools will become STATION SCHOOLS just a place which organize the ways teachers, students and sources of knowledge can interact and work together to finish the tasks of every part of the learning process .2050


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